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Ministry Director

Cory Lotspeich is the Ministry Director of CU Martus.  Cory holds a Masters in Arts of Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Throughout his professional career he has consulted executive leaders, served in non-profit organizations, vocational ministry, and in the military as a U.S. Marine, and government contractor for the Navy’s Wounded Warrior program for expeditionary forces and their families. 

Cory enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife and two boys outdoors.


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Ministry Intern

Collin Frisch was a graduate of the ministry in the class of  '23. He has been involved with CU Martus since his freshman year at Penn, and we are pleased to have him back as an intern. Collin will lead in his own right to develop transformative Christian leaders to bring about revival and reformation at Penn and across America. 

Collin will be serving in these three areas of ministry to: 

  1. Develop other transformative leaders from among the Penn student body within CU Martus for the purse of revival and reformation. 

  2. Aid in the discipleship, mentoring, and coaching of CU Martus students in these main areas: Bible Courses, the worship department, and 1 on 1 meetings. 

  3. Extensively recruit Penn students into CU Martus through Freshman Welcoming Campaign, evangelistic efforts, and other CU Martus initiatives. 

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